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Green Glow Sunu Smoothie

banana, avocado, spinach, coconut milk, soy milk, coconut yogurt, dates, mint, collagen⇦, toppings (coconut flakes, mint, almond flakes)

Blue Cloud Sunu Smoothie

blue cloud | 9,5€ | 0.4l

blue spirulina⇦, banana, soy milk, mango, coconut milk, agave, protein powder⇦, toppings (coconut flakes, chia seeds, almond flakes, banana, dry flowers) 

berry loved by Sunu Smoothie

berry loved by | 8,5€ | 0.4l

berry mix, banana, rolled oat, almond milk, mint, chia seeds, flax seeds, hemp seeds, peanut butter⇦, toppings (chia seeds, flea seeds, almond flakes, strawberry) 

Blueberry Sunu Smoothie

blueberry | 8,5€ | 0.4l

blueberry, mango, soy vegan yogurt, soy milk, maca powder⇦, chia seeds, dates, toppings (blueberry, chia
seeds, dry flowers)

Golden Mango Sunu Smoothie

golden mango | 8,5€ | 0.4l

mango, spirulina coconut yogurt, soy milk, mango syrup, agave, vitamin D3 + K2 drops⇦, toppings (mango, coconut flakes, physalis)

stop dieting,

start nourishing.

Choco Smoothie Bowl

choco bowl | 10,0€ | 0.3l

banana, peanut butter, cocoa, almond milk, protein powder⇦, vegan yogurt, chia pudding, toppings (chocolate granola,chia seeds, chocolate nips, 3 banana pieces)    

Spirulina Smoothie Bowl

spirulina bowl | 12,0€ | 0.3l

banana, mango, coconut milk, agave, blue spirulina⇦, chia pudding, coconut yogurt, blueberries, toppings (granola, chia seeds, almond, coconut flakes, dry strawberry)

Matcha Latte

matcha⇦ latte | 0.4l



Strawberry Matcha

strawberry matcha | 6,5€ | 0.4l

strawberry, agave, oat milk, matcha foam, iced

Mango Matcha

mango matcha | 6,5€ | 0.4l

mango, agave, oat milk, matcha foam, iced







ginger lemon

mint, ginger, honey, lemon

mint tea

loose tea


Fresh Berry Mix Refresher

berry tea, berry mix, agave, lime, mint, iced

better than botox refresher

better than botox | 6,0€ | 0.3l

lime, mint, agave, cucumber, ginger ale, iced

orange juice

fresh orange juice | 4,0€ | 0.3l

+ extra ginger 4,50€ | 03.l

add ons

​extra shot

extra syrup

vegan protein powder

vitamin D3 + K2 drops


sunu boost bar menu

Sun 11-16 | Mon-Sat 10-19 | Aaron-Bernstein-Platz 6, 10117 Berlin


why sunu?


100% Natural Ingredients

We use real fruit and natural ingredients. No fake stuff here. Just pure, unadulterated deliciousness.


Balanced Recipes

No added sugars or artificial additives in our smoothies and juices. Because who needs that.



We’re obsessed with quality. Our matcha, protein powder, vitamin drops, blue spirulina and collagen are only the best. 


Custom Creations

Customize your smoothie or beverage just the way you like it. Yes to extra vitamins, proteins, etc. because why settle for ordinary?

Cold-Pressed Juices Sunu

cold-pressed juices | 6,8€ | 0.25l

big hug

celery, ginger, lemon, apple, cucumber

gentle me

apple, celery, cucumber, lemon, spinach, mint

heart beet

beet, orange, apple, carrot, strawberry

stay in flow

carrot, orange, ginger

cold-pressed juice shots | 80ml

burn like a star | 3,5€

ginger, lemon, orange, tumeric

very matcha | 4,0€

matcha, apple, lemon, ginger

Juice Shots
Cracking Latte Pistachio Matcha

summer special

pistachio matcha frappé iced | 8,0€ | 0.4l

Cracking Latte Strawberry

summer special

strawberry latte iced | 7,5€ | 0.4l

latte tea
refresher juices
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